Avengers first birthday!

Lucky for me I have the privilege and honor of helping my best friend create birthday parties for their little ones!

Hunter is one of the most precious little boys around and he just turned one!

We put together a superhero party for him with all of the classic characters from the Avengers.

Once we decided on a shirt we figured out how we would decorate everything else. We made the shirt with printable iron on and use a sleeveless style to show off those superhero muscles!

The neighborhood pool house was a fun and easy way to throw party. Though the babies could not use the real pool the pool full of balls worked quite nicely!

Of course a first birthday always needs a cake to smash!

And every superhero needs some super delicious food with super cute avenger names!

Finally, make sure everyone arrives in there super hero gear for cute pictures!

Pick up your onesie and decorations! https://www.etsy.com/listing/479604797/captain-america-first-birthday-baby