Love What You Do!

Our crafts have a mind of their own. They have engulfed our kitchen table, crept over the countertops and are crowding the living room. Glitter is in the bed, the shower, and on my back. Sometimes getting obsessed with a million projects at once has its own crazy-beautiful-messy consequences.

Since this is our first post, I find it most fitting to warn all those who wish to venture with us that we are friends and both new moms dying to embrace this whole ‘work-from-home’ dream lifestyle. We are busy, distractible, but most of all excited. We are excited to strive for lots little successes as we launch and to meet goal after goal. We are inspired.

I’m trying to narrow down what this blog will look like, for all of our sakes.
-Things We Love
-Things We Recommend
-Things We Make

Things We Love is a fun place to share with you nifty things we have discovered. Pictures, crafts, awesome facts that can change your life forever! Or something very similar to that.

Things We Recommend will probably end up being something that we also Love, but YOU should love it too. Just kidding, but we highly recommend it.

Things We Make will showcase new projects that have just been created, custom ordered, or in the process of being made. We want you to see all of our pretty things, and tell your friends.

What’s inspiring you these days? Feel free to answer with a link to your favorite blog or picture!