3 Tips for a DIY Baby Photoshoot at Home

Are you looking to nail that perfect at-home photoshoot? We are by no means professional photographers or decorators or anything like that, but we have picked up some harrowing tips that can really improve your chance at capturing those perfect shots.


There are so many reasons to have baby photoshoots, more than just first birthdays!

DSC_1701 (1).jpg

I took all of these photos on a Nikon D40X. We made every decoration here (except for any stuffed animals or chairs). With some planning, work and patience, you can really pull something cute together!



  1. Gather Props – props are great for many reasons, one main one being that they keep baby distracted. Or can get their attention when it starts to drift to the fan or dogs running around. We are big fans of highchair banners and backdrops-they add so much fun color and make everything a bit more whimsical. We made ‘I’m Halfway to One’ shirts with their themes!
  2. Lighting – We opted for indirect-diffused lighting. Essentially we just took all of our pictures midday, but in the shade. This lighting tends to create little or no shadow and is really good for portraits or close-up photos because it is the most flattering. Try to find flat shade, like on the porch.
  3.  Patience – Typically a full baby is a happy baby! A big perk to do these photo sessions at home is mom and baby can take as many breaks as they need. If it gets overstimulating, you can take baby aside and calm him any way he needs. Then pick up where you left off when everyone is happy and ready to smile again.


All of the props can be found at https://www.etsy.com/nz/shop/FoxyLittleRascals

How did you do with your first at-home photoshoot? Any additional tips you want to share?



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